Logical Thinking - A Drilldown

Logical thinking is very essential in software development field and is also required in our day to day life to solve the problems that occurs then and then.

Course Content

  1. Introduction
  1. Prerequisites
  1. Logical Thinking Steps
  1. Try Until...
  1. Logical Thinking by Doing
  1. Learn from Guru
  1. Find the output-1
  1. Find the output-2
  1. Find the output-3
  1. Find the output-4
  1. Find the output-5
  1. Find the output-6
  1. Remainder of A and B
  1. Simple Interest
  1. Total Principal
  1. Compound Interest
  1. Promisory Note
  1. Volume of Cone
  1. Fahrenheit to Centigrade
  1. Hypotenuse of Right Triangle
  1. Julian Date
  1. Magnified Initials
  1. Comparison of Salaries
  1. Finding Rate of Interest
  1. Gas Consumption
  1. Electricity Charges
  1. Easter Sunday
  1. Height of the Well
  1. Parallel Resistance
  1. Root of the Polynomial
  1. Finding the Monthly Payment
  1. Printing Price Labels
  1. Magic Square
  1. Balance Sheet-1
  1. Balance Sheet-2
  1. Regular Deposit Calculation
  1. Home Purchase Option
  1. Flow Chart - Introduction
  1. Coding Flow Chart-1
  1. Coding Flow Chart-2
  1. Coding Flow Chart-3
  1. Coding Flow Chart-4
  1. Code K to Verbal Description
  1. Finding Grade
  1. Finding Down Payment
  1. Leap Year
  1. Sales Commission - 1
  1. Sales Commission - 2
  1. Cents to Half Dollar, Dime etc.
  1. British to Metric
  1. Electricity Bill
  1. Mark to Grade
  1. Daily & Yearly Compounding
  1. Salary Calculation
  1. Tour Expenses
  1. Absolute value of x
  1. Right Triangle
  1. Area of Triangle
  1. Root of
  1. Square Root Approximation
  1. Metal Grade
  1. Systems of Equations
  1. Find the value of x, y and z.
  1. Fixed No. of Terms - For Loop
  1. Beginning, Ending and Increment For Loops
  1. Percentage of Passing Scores out of 6 Marks
  1. Percentage of Passing Scores - Unknown Marks
  1. For Loops - Irregular Output
  1. Star Box
  1. Amortization Table - Fixed Monthly Payments
  1. Amortization Table - Fixed Months Payment
  1. Fahrenheit to Centigrade table
  1. Circle Radius, Circumference and Area Table
  1. Octal Counting
  1. Positive Odd and Even Integers
  1. Statistics : Mode
  1. Statistics : Median
  1. Prime Number
  1. Greatest Common Factor (GCF)
  1. Find the approximation of e
  1. Combinations
  1. Printing Fibonacci Series
  1. Find if a Number is in Fibonacci Series
  1. Golden Mean
  1. Fibonacci Approximation
  1. Weights on different Planets
  1. Find the value of X
  1. Accumulation Process
  1. Odd Numbers Accumulation
  1. Factorial Accumulation
  1. Interest Accumulation and Withdrawal
  1. Mr.Sly Earnings
  1. Post Office Charges
  1. Accumulation of Series
  1. Sum of Squares of Even Integers
  1. Double Accumulation
  1. Common Number Product and Accumulation
  1. Sum Sequence ... 1 + 1/2 + 1/3 + ...
  1. Pi Value
  1. Sum of Fibonacci Series
  1. Irrational number e
  1. Fuse digits to a single number
  1. Reverse Number
  1. Perfect, abundant and deficient numbers
  1. Prime or Fibonacci Number
  1. Split Sentence into word by word
  1. Remove white spaces from sentence
  1. Separate words in sentence
  1. Count the word 'is'
  1. Rearrange First Middle Last Names
  1. Telegraph - Replace space for /
  1. Cost of Telegram
  1. Telegram Address
  1. Military to Civilian Time
  1. Civilian to Military Time
  1. Numerical Date to Month Name Date
  1. Palindrome Numbers
  1. Verify if a Number if Palindrome Number
  1. String Palindrome
  1. Convert string to all Uppercase
  1. Printing Array Patterns
  1. Single Dimensional Array display as Matrix
  1. Finding Common Items
  1. Frequency Distribution
  1. Insert a Number in Sorted Array
  1. Sum of Squares of Array Elements
  1. Fill Arrays
  1. Display Patterns
  1. Graduated Axis Line
  1. Bar Graph
  1. Multi slab Tax Calculation
  1. Two Dimensional Array
  1. Statistics on Matrix
  1. Files Introduction
  1. Positive, Negative and Zeros
  1. 10 Pairs of Numbers
  1. N Pairs of Numbers
  1. Highest and Lowest Incomes
  1. Grade Analysis
  1. Read consecutive positive or negative numbers
  1. Age Analysis
  1. Three Occurrences of 4
  1. Student's Statistics
  1. Higher Sales Analysis
  1. Employee Salary
  1. Print Bank Statement
  1. Proceed to finish upto Exercise 30
  1. What's Next?

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At the end of the successful course completion, we are offering a industry recoginzed certificate. Our certificates are recognized for its demo of candidate's performance, perfection and the quality of outputs delivered by our alumni of our academy. You will feel proud in holding a course completion certificate from us.


Dhirendra Gupta

No classes or institutes ever speak about what's being asked in interviews and that is one of the many reasons why this tutorial is unique.


I learn many times to put a program but not able to put. but after see this videos. I am very much clear in my idea and now I put many program of my own thank you


Very easy to learn in mother tongue and to apply in program I have forwarded the link to all our friends

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