Skill Development Package

Today's corporates and enterprises expects the people who can think creatively. But creative thinking people are not born by birth, even if they are, only a few. But creative thinking can be achieved through a systematic training procedure.

We at Collectiva Knowledge Academy have come up a package of training activities as given below that makes a person to think creatively and at the lightening speed. This includes 3 games playing and reading many books using rapid reading concepts and saving one's time using Time Management tips.

Salient Features of this Course

  • Learn online from anywhere at any time.
  • Interactive video training helps to understand easily.
  • Explanation in Tamil gives 100% accuracy in understanding.
  • Able to replay until understanding the concepts.
  • Just spend 30 minutes a day to equip with essential knowledge.
  • Option is available to buy DVD to play offline without the need for internet connection.

Affordable Package

We've decided to help many students from every part of Tamilnadu, from poor to rich. Hence we've come up with an interesting package that covers many essential courses as listed below. You may click the links to know the coverage of the contents of each course.

We request everyone to utilize this short time offer and become enriched in true computer knowledge.

Who is eligible?

As a short time offer, we open this option for everyone. Kindly make use of this short time opportunity.