Diploma in Python Foundation

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Course Description

Python has instantly become a top most pick in the recent times due to its simplicity, huge set of libraries that supports the development of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Learning Python language is going to be a best choice as the world is shifting to a new paradigm of development called Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It is highly expected that many companies would automate their many of the repeated operations using these emerging technologies to achieve the quality and higher production.

Hence learning Python is going to be a unavoidable one. Our Python foundation course imparts the root knowledge of Python with the help of Python 2.0, so that you can easily start working in any future versions of Python.

This course ends up with two mini projects that will make sure you mastered the important concepts of Python language and also act as a simulation of Software Company professional development.

Kindly make use of this opportunity to learn Python and become easily accessible for the companies.

All the best, Thank you.

Course Content

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Python Foundation  07:54 Read More
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Python Foundation
Total Duration :  07:54:04
Total Topics :  92

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