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Common Questions (8)

1. What is the difference between Free course and Paid Courses?

Free courses are available in our YouTube channel. This covers about 40% of the original Paid Course. We provide the free course for the following reasons:

  • For intelligent and poor students, it needs just a gentle push to make them understand the corresponding technique. We want to help them by offering these free videos. After Finishing these free videos you will be able to understand the programming very easily.
  • For the people who want to try our course before they purchase, these videos help them to have a taste of our way of teaching

Paid Courses are 100% of the original Course Contents available through our website and Android application. These videos are organized in Chapters and Topics to easily plan your study timings and learn and recall

2. What is the difference between courses and packages?

Courses are meant for experienced people who search for a particular subject.

Packages are courses grouped and organized for students in a particular order of suggestive study. This enables the student to gradually study and learn the subjects very easily. Finally, packages are priced at a discounted rate rather than buying the individual courses.

3. Do you have any time restrictions to complete the course/packages?

No. You can complete the courses or packages at your own pace. But we strongly suggest the "Earlier the better" slogan for your best career.

4. Why is there restriction to play a video for 15 times?

Simply to avoid piracy. Playing a video five times is more than enough if you follow these guidelines:

  • For the first time, go through all the videos once without worrying about your understanding. Because the latter videos may resolve the doubtful contents.
  • Suppose if you are not clear on a particular video at the time of completing it, just press the play button to replay the same video again through the video player button. We don't count this again.
  • For the second time, take time and carefully learn the video, and do the corresponding exercises without fail.
5. Can we download videos?

No. We don't provide such a download feature on our website or android app. But some third-party tools will download the videos. We request you not to share these videos with anyone, use them only for your reviews and learning.

6. Do you refund the course fee if I'm not satisfied?

Yes. But we didn't experience this before until now. Because, we suggest the students go through our free videos on our Youtube channel,and then only buy if they are really satisfied.

7. Do you provide certificate after finishing the course/package?


We strongly believe in the confidence of the student to surely earn a suitable job. The diploma or degree certificate is more than sufficient for anyone to get an entry point for the interview. Only the real stuff will work from there onwards. Our courses are aimed at boosting the confidence level of the candidate. This worked out in 1000s of our students.

If you really want a certificate (We suggest this for non-IT candidates), you need to attend a test at our premises in person. The questions will be asked only from the contents we taught. Once you prove your proficiency in the course/package, we will offer you the certificate. You need to pay the Examination and Certificate fee and fix the convenient exam date and time.

8. How do you provide support?

We provide support through email, online chat, and accessing your computer using TeamViewer / Any desk.

Online / Offline related questions (5)

1. What is the difference between Online and Offline purchase?

In terms of training contents, there is no difference.

Online is suggested for the people who have high-speed internet with sufficient bandwidth volume. Most people in Metro cities and District Headquarters will have high-speed internet facilities and bandwidth volume. If you fall under this category, we strongly suggest you go for this model.

Offline is suggested for the people who live in villages and small towns that have a slow internet connection. We provide the same course content in ISO form. This can be installed on their Laptop/PCs and start learning without worrying about the internet connectivity. For all the users who opt for Offline purchases, we also provide online access. They can enjoy both offline reading and online reading if sufficient internet speed is available or when they are roaming in cities.

2. Can we play Offline Pen Drive on a DVD Player Or TV?

All the computer courses are supplied in the form of a software module. Hence these courses can be installed and viewed only through laptops/PCs. This is to restrict the Piracy as much as possible

3. Can I install Offline Pen Drive software on any number of laptops/PCs?

You can install this software on the same computer 3 times, or on three different Laptops/PCs. But only the recently activated software will work, and all other computers will not work. Again this is to avoid Piracy.

4. Do I need to activate Offline Pen Drive software?

Yes. You need to activate the software before starting learning the courses. This is done through an online internet connection. Once the software is activated there will be no need for an internet connection to learn the courses, Course contents will be played from your hard disk very smoothly

5. How will you send the Offline Pen Drive out of India?

For those who opt for offline Pen Drive learning, we send you the ISO file link. You can download using the ISO links.

Career Guideline Questions(4)

1. I am a student studying for a diploma/degree in computer science/technology. What is your suggestion?

We strongly suggest you complete "C & C++ and Logical thinking Programming". Once you finish this then only you will be in a position to choose the best path that suits you such as Software Development, System Analysis, and Design, Database Management, Graphics Designing, Software Testing, Automation, Big Data Analysis, etc.

2. I am a non-computer-based student studying for my diploma/degree. What is your suggestion?

"Automation" is the only word that threatens the entire world of Engineers/Diploma holders. Many productions and operations are now being automated.

Hence it is a must for any student to get some understanding of Computer programming. If you are really talented in programming, you will surely get a good job in the Software Development industry. Even otherwise, you can get hold of your space in your respective branch of study.

If you are not equipped with enough computer knowledge, there will be no job for any candidate of any branch of study in the near future.

3. . I completed my Diploma / Degree a few years back. Now working in BPO / Sales / Support services. Can I switch to Computer Field?

Talented people will always be in need of the Computer Field. Because of its rapid change and development, the Computer Field is constantly looking for talented people with the latest technologies. If you have such knowledge, you can definitely get a job in the IT field.

Note: But you need to prove your real strength in order to get your first entry in the IT field. You need to put your entire soul and life to get your proficiency level to compete with the pure IT candidates.

4. I am already in a job. Any suggestion for me?

When we stop learning new technologies we will be called "Old Dogs". We can keep the current pace and improvement in our career only when we constantly learn and improve our knowledge.

ஓதாமல் ஒரு நாளும் இருக்க வேண்டாம்.

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