Diploma in Computer Applications

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Total Duration :   16:23:57
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Course Description

We write a lot, yes we write a lot to score higher marks in the final examinations. But in our practical life, writing is now eliminated as much as 95%. Only important things are to be written by hand. 

The entry of computers few decades ago, changed the way in which we run our business and do our work. Hence it is essential for all the people to master the foundation of computers and its effective usage.

This course consists of the following subjects:

Computer Fundamentals & Internet: This course focuses on imparting the basics of computer knowledge, the knowledge about Operating Systems, how different features of Windows Operating systems are organized, and finally how can we use the computer to browse in the internet to seek for the necessary information at the earliest possible.

English Typing: As we are going to record most of our transactions only using computers, we need to know the basics of the computer Keyboard and some practice to type the required information without looking at the computer keyboard.

Command Window & Batch Processing: This subject aims at imparting the knowledge of command window and performing some tasks through commands. The practice of this command line window operations will help us to automate some repeatedly doing works, that is called as Batch Processing.

Microsoft Word: Microsoft word is a software that is used for preparing documents such as Letters, Bio-data and anything that contains running text with different highlighting. This is used mostly in many companies for the day to day documentation purposes.

Microsoft Excel: Microsoft Excel is a software that is used for preparing tabular information with some basic calculations such as Students list with their subject marks, total, rank etc.

Microsoft Powerpoint: Microsoft Powerpoint is used for the presentation of one' idea or analysis with the help of projector to a massive people. Being an Project demo or a Symposium, Powerpoint is unavoidable application that one should master with.

Each and every one of us has to master these essential skills without fail. Kindly make use of this opportunity.

All the best. Thank you.

Course Content

Subject Name Duration
Computer Fundamentals & Internet  05:50 Read More
Command Window & Batch Processing  03:33 Read More
Learn English typing  00:19 Read More
Microsoft Word  02:12 Read More
Microsoft Excel  02:15 Read More
Microsoft Powerpoint  00:54 Read More
English Handwriting  01:19 Read More
Course Fee
Computer Fundamentals & Internet
Total Duration :  05:50:08
Total Topics :  35
Command Window & Batch Processing
Total Duration :  03:33:06
Total Topics :  26
Learn English typing
Total Duration :  00:19:14
Total Topics :  7
Microsoft Word
Total Duration :  02:12:15
Total Topics :  32
Microsoft Excel
Total Duration :  02:15:49
Total Topics :  31
Microsoft Powerpoint
Total Duration :  00:54:00
Total Topics :  18
English Handwriting
Total Duration :  01:19:25
Total Topics :  51

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