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Course Description

Managing funds is a vital requirements for anyone who wish live a peaceful life. Unfortunately this subject is not being touched by schools or colleges except few specific courses that are aiming to impart knowledge about Accounting.

In this course, each one is given opportunity to learn about Accounting, Budgeting and basic characteristics that is to be developed in order to save hard earned money.

This course also comes with a free Personal accounting software that you can use for managing your funds very easily and refer reports to analyze your fund position.

Course Content

Business Development

Subject Name Duration
பணம் வளர்ப்போம் (BBA Money)  04:48 Read More
Course Fee
பணம் வளர்ப்போம் (BBA Money)
Total Duration :  04:48:14
Total Topics :  47
Price :  1,999  1,999
0.00% Offer (Save )
Offer Valid Upto 20-06-2024
No. of Subjects :   1
Total Duration :   04:48:14
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