Professional Degree in ASP.NET Web Development

Professional Degree in ASP.NET Web Development

Price : ₹7,499
Total Duration :   07:43:03
Total Topics :   67
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COD Available within Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry Only.

Microsoft's ASP.NET web application development is rapidly picking up its space in the web application development market. More than 50% of the web developments are going using ASP.NET.

In this course, Author gives complete idea from the ground up about the web application scenario, various background information that are necessary to build a dynamic web application successfully.

After completing this course anyone will definitely be able to become an industrial standard web developer. Because each and every class is crafted to impart the training to the candidate in a most professional manner.

In this course you will be learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, ASP.NET and finally building a mini project.

This is a most recommended course.
Diploma in .Net Web Development
Diploma in .Net Web Development
Price : 70,487 9,999
Total Duration :  68:26:56
Total Topics :  740 Buy Now

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